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Frances Crickmore

Duck-seller takes a selfie during a break from selling ducks on Castle Meadow during the Bungay Festival Fun Day.

July 11, 2015

The First Bungay Great Duck Race

From the Becles & Bungay Journal 24/07/2015

The long hot mid-summer dry spell meant the non-tidal River Waveney at Bungay was down to a drift rate of just feet per minute and often less - a potential recipe for disaster when racing drifting ducks.

However the Waveney Valley Canoe Club came to the rescue guiding the 900 plus fleet of ducklings, while the Environment Agency allowed the race to be run over the weir and through the sluice gates, finishing with a flourish of discernible speed just up river of the Sea Scout headquarters.

A system of floating ropes was deployed by the canoeists to funnel the reluctant ducklings into the sluice and earlier in the afternoon a 30 strong fleet of colourful corporate ducks, sponsored by Bungay businesses, were used as a pilot squadron to test the techniques before the main event.

“Duck races are always funny old things,” said race organiser and Falcon Meadow trustee Tim Child. “But without these intervention methods and the Environment Agency’s blessing to use the sluice, we could easily have had a farce on our hands.”

The race is thought to have raised several thousand pounds in contribution to the purchase of Falcon Meadow as a dedicated community amenity for Bungay and Ditchingham.

Activists are celebrating after winning a seven week race against now In buy a piece of unspoiled Waveney water meadow.

Falcon Meadow, in Ditchingham could have been lost to the community when it was sold at auction had the group not come up with the £50,000 purchase price.

After raising the money through donations and personal loans, the 50-strong group have ensured that the four acre site will remain a public space.

A number of events have now been planned to raise money to repay the supporters, including a charity duck race.

The meadow will be owned and administered by a new charity, the Falcon Meadow Community Trust and a team of five trustees.

The group hopes to raise the money to pay back the loans through a series of public events on the much-loved local beauty spot, and to conserve their purchase for the communities of Bungay and Ditchingham.

For their first event this summer, the Falcon Trustees have chosen to inaugurate an annual Duck Race, because they believe the River Waveney at Bungay and Ditchingham, combined with Falcon Meadow, makes for a near perfect duck racing course.

Tim Child, part of the trust, said “It's a lovely part of the River Waveney and fantastic beauty spot.

"The land can now continue to be enjoyed by everyone."

Duck races at Beccles and Reedham have already proved popular family events, raising thousands of pounds for local charities.

The Trust will unveil this year's Fundraising for Falcon campaign at a meeting in Bungay's Emmanuel Rooms, at 6:30pm on Wednesday, May 13 and everyone is invited to attend.

Bungay Camera Club Completes their 365
Members of Bungay Camera Club have been taking a picture of the River Waveney every day for a year, starting on September 1st, 2014. This is a project run in conjunction with Waveney and Blyte Arts. Each member picked a day or days when they were able to take a picture and today (August 31st) they have completed the task. Pictured above are some of the members who have taken part in the project. Click here to see the images.

 Holly Stranks

March 15, 2016

Preparations are under way for our inaugural Friends of Falcon Meadow Dinner on April 16th. Tickets from Earsham Street Café.

Plans are afoot for the 2nd Great Bungay Duck Race. Posters will soon appear in town!